First Days [en]

First days in India are find, staying at the Sinde’s, got a mobile phone.

So far, so good. Everything is fine. I’m staying at the Shinde’s despite the puppies, but the internet cafe is a bit far away. The good news is that they have broadband, so I will be able to upload some photos and videos once I manage to get an FTP program installed.

I have a mobile phone and will post the number in the comments to this post as soon as I have managed to figure out what it is again!

3 thoughts on “First Days [en]

  1. My daughter Katie would love to be with some puppies! I hope you’ve gotten to see some friends and enjoy yourself. When you were in India for a year, what did you miss most about home? And, what do you like best about being in India?



  2. As promised, my phone number. SMS rather than e-mail if you really want the message to get through!

    Plus 91 for india, and then 9823360986 (hoping the SMS spambots won’t pick this up!)

  3. Laura,

    I’m still trying to figure out the answers to these questions. This morning, when I was day-dreaming about maybe spending another year or two here, I thought I might miss having a proper bathtub. 😉

    I missed cheese during my year here, rare meat (steaks and the lot), and the certain level of quality in service one expects to get in Lausanne.

    As to what I enjoy most here… hmmm, I’ll try to answer that as the days go by here.

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