Mainstream [en]

I’m afraid I might be going mainstream. All my hopes of being somewhat original are in the process of being utterly and totally shattered.

I promised a friend I’d get a TV if she ended up presenting a small show on the local television, and it seems that’s what is going to happen. I’ve been talked into acquiring a webcam.

So yesterday, as I was drooling before a huge collection of underpriced CDs, I figured it wouldn’t do much difference to my case if I put a link to my Amazon wishlist somewhere on my weblog. If I’m going mainstream, might as well go all the way!

Yeah, I got an ebay account, too. And let’s not forget the hair, either.

Note: boys, stop dreaming. You’re not going to see this here anytime soon!

4 thoughts on “Mainstream [en]

  1. Just because you share a common appreciation with other people, just because you won some things which other people own, doesn’t make you unoriginal. Being in the mainstream is only to be feared if you are there because you think you should be, rather than because you want to be.

    You are original. You are unique.

  2. Mark: actually, I don’t really /want/ to be original at all costs. And despite what I joke about in this post, it’s a pretty nice feeling to be “giving in to normality” 😉

    L’Helvète: quelqu’un m’a montré l’article justement hier — t’as pas une idée qui ça pouvait être, par hasard?

    Pour les suisses: il ne me reste plus qu’à  me procurer une carte M-Cumulus et une Supercard Coop, et ça sera la fin de la fin!

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