Holidays [en]

I’m on holidays! On the train, riding home, on my way to buy a digital camera (if my

photographer shop manages to sell me one in less than half an hour), un-pack my Barcelona suitcase,

iron a bunch of clothes (or not, Aleika has an iron in Birmingham), drive up to the cattery (40

minutes) and drop off the animal there for

his first fortnight at the “hotel”, clean up the flat a bit and pack my suitcase.

Two weeks of real holidays, Birmingham-Leeds-Dublin-Birmigham, the first real holidays I will

have had in ages. No dissertation to write, no courseworks left aside to steal a few days of guilty freedom, no

“other-things-I-should-be-doing-instead-of-this”. Real holidays.

I may or may not be online these next two weeks. Everything is possible. Time to read, spend time with Aleika,

Akirno, my Grandparents and Kitof, take photographs, and maybe play about with Movable Type. We’ll see as it goes.

I’ve taken a step to organising my next holidays, too. I’ll be going back to India for a month in February, and I’ve

already had my holiday sheet signed. I’ll be booking tickets soon.

As I tend to loose track of where people I know online live, don’t hesitate to let me know if

I’ll be coming around your place. I like going out for a coffee and a chat, and as I said recently,

the bit I prefer about the Internet is meeting people.

3 thoughts on “Holidays [en]

  1. Note for posterity: this was my first post while actually on the train. Thanks GPRS, thanks Orange.

  2. Packed and ready, though I’m sure (as always) that I’ve forgotten something.

    If you can figure out or remember what I’ve forgotten before I leave, drop me a line — thanks!

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