Akirno and Reese Witherspoon [en]

Akirno saw a picture of Reese Witherspoon in a magazine some time back. Aleika told me he has been wanting to come over to my place ever since.

Aleika gave the phone to him so we could say hi.

Akirno, last February.

– Hello Stephanie…

– Hello Akirno!

– …I want to go to your house!

– Well, I’d love to have you come to my house! 😀

I won’t even try to tell you how much this snippet of conversation means for me — both in terms of how far Akirno has come, and now much he means to me. I was last in England six months ago, and I barely saw him an hour or so then. His mom and I are going to plan their visit pretty soon!

One thought on “Akirno and Reese Witherspoon [en]

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    You and I are strangers, yet this little ray of light -Akirno, binds us together incomprehensibly. I was stuck by the way your weblog read, in many ways, I have felt the exact same way about Akirno. And if I have refrained from keeping in touch with him, Aleika and Somak(da) over the years, it is purely out of a selfish need for self-preservation. I missed them dearly after they left Pune, and I missed Akirno more than anyone else. I started living with them in IUCAA right after you left — and although I eventually moved out with my college mates to shack in an apartment nearby, I never really stopped living with them. The little Akirno is still the ideal child to me — joyous, spontaneous and idyllic!

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