Dead Battery and Cold Snow [en]

When you wander around with a device which allows you to take photographs of everything you see, it gives you the opportunity to write posts about events such as this:

My little car on the side of the snowy road, because it stalled and refused to start again.

First time I have broken down with this car. Nothing serious, don’t worry Grandma 😉 — it stalled and wouldn’t start again. I just had to wait 30 minutes in the cold for the TCS to arrive.

(Let’s say that I posted this here on purpose just to show you all how lame it could become, OK?)

3 thoughts on “Dead Battery and Cold Snow [en]

  1. If you think this is lame, just imagine what people will do when technology allows them to
    carry around cell phones/web cams permanently connected…
    13:53: Me eating lunch
    14:02: me walking back from restaurant
    14:05: me in company lobby
    14:08: me in restroom
    14:09: me peeing
    14:10: me wiping wee-wee

  2. By the way, I looove the footsteps on the photo, a clear indication that you purposely got out
    and walked away from your car… just to shoot the picture. 😉

  3. You wouldn’t believe how cold it was getting in that car. It hadn’t had the time to warm up!

    10 minutes later, the footsteps would have told a quite different story…

    hehe — and yes, imagine that! — I did take the photo on purpose 😉

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