Qui c'est? [en]

7 thoughts on “Qui c'est? [en]

  1. Mpfrrrrr. J’aime bien la coupe de cheveux 🙂

    Pas tres standard, a peine valide, et franchement inaccessible 😉


  2. Wait a minute … I didnt understand the French in the post…BUT IS THAT YOU ? 😉

  3. I didn’t understand the French either, so I tried http://babelfish.altavista.com … It was
    funnier in German 🙂

    Then I translated Tristan’s comment… it was understandable in English, but in German?

    “Mpfrrrrr. ich mag gut die Sch?ssel Haare: -) Nicht sehr Standard- erkl?rt kaum f?r
    rechtsg?ltig und offen unzug?nglich; -) ”

    Obviously Babelfish doesn’t know how to produce the umlauts.

  4. En un flashback fulgurant, les années 80 viennent de défiler sous mes yeux… 😉

  5. Tres joli sourire! Cela me rappelle le debut
    des annees 90! Ciao, Marc

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