A Day at Work [en]

Orange Switzerland launched MMS yesterday. As MMS gets popular, we’ll start seeing more phones like the Nokia 7650. Here is what happens when your colleagues have this kind of toy:

Stephanie waving pens at her colleagues while facilitating a decision analysis exercise.

Here I am, in the middle of a team meeting, facilitating a decision analysis exercise. My colleague Stefan whips out his phone, pulls it open, and clicks. I barely have time to protest.

Thanks for the photograph, by the way!

One thought on “A Day at Work [en]

  1. As much as I love new technology, I resent new mobile so-called breakthroughs being forced on
    us at a speed that puts even Intel to shame. So I’m content with my 5210. But hey, we get to
    see Pompage.net’s almighty editor in chief’s face. So MMS is not a complete waste. =)

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