Accessibility: People Who Command Their Computer by Speech [en]

Creating a new weblog post is pretty painless. I have a dictation shortcut which inserts the markup and placeholders for text and title. Let me know if I start flooding you.

Mozilla seems to lack accessibility components (MSAA) included in Internet Explorer and other Microsoft programs, which make them easier to use by voice. With Internet Explorer for example, a hyperlink is automatically selected when you pronounce the hyperlink text, so that you can follow it. In Mozilla, I have to tab my way around or hope that the site I’m visiting has provided access keys for each hyperlink (is that even possible?)

More on this topic once I have figured it out.

Update 31.10.02: actually, Mozilla has top-notch support for MSAA, but Dragon doesn’t activate it. What a pity!

3 thoughts on “Accessibility: People Who Command Their Computer by Speech [en]

  1. thanks, that link helped me find the Mozilla accessibility newsgroup! I’m going to download
    myself a nightly

  2. I have just downloaded Mozilla 1.2b, and TypeAhead definitely seems to work. If I pronounced
    the hyperlink text, Mozilla finds the link for me, and I can press enter to follow it.

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