Misrecognitions: the Joys of Speech Recognition [en]

If keyboards tend to produce typos, speech recognition introduces one to the world of misrecognitions. As they are not misspelt words, they tend to escape the eye, often producing comical or embarrassing results.

2 thoughts on “Misrecognitions: the Joys of Speech Recognition [en]

  1. oh, I did a great one when I was in India: my French-speaking friend Danielle came over to visit me, and on our
    way out one day we bumped into Suketu, a colleague and friend of Somak who was also staying in

    I said to Danielle: “Attends, je vais t’introduire…” and proceeded to introduce her to
    Suketu. Having managed to refrain from giggling when we talk to him, she afterwards pointed
    out my mistake. I hadn’t realized a thing until she told me!

  2. it's not a computer-related speech story, but being that you're a french/english bilingualist,
    you'll probably get a kick out of this.

    My other half is french, and I am american, so we tend to speak both languages rather
    frequently, and sometimes even manage to mix in words from both languages in the same
    sentence. So one day, we're talking about making some carrot/tomato salad vinagrette stuff,
    and he comes out into the living room and asks me:

    “would you mind raping some carrots?”

    it was the best language mistake yet (although that's pretty much the only one he's made, and
    I've done quite a few on the french side).

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