End of Holiday [en]

Aleika and Akirno left this morning. It was great having them.

One of the high points of my week with them involved drawing Teletubbies on restaurant table mats.

8 thoughts on “End of Holiday [en]

  1. Hey, I kinda know something about why our voices sound different depending
    on the language:

    The set of phonems each language needs is sometimes produced in different
    parts of our
    ‘speaking system’. Like the ‘ch’ sound in the German word ‘Ich’. It’s
    sometimes produced a bit lower in the throat and it tends to bring the
    other sounds closer there.
    Now, American English, because of the stronger ‘r’ tends to make our
    voice sound a bit more nose-like. Portuguese (my mother tongue) is very
    percussive and it’s spoken mostly around the mouth, then you get another
    timber. And so on…

    Oh, hi, Amélie. Don’t worry, I’m not following you. I was just wandering
    around. XOXOX

  2. Now, just in case you wanted to drop by, the link to my blog in the last
    post won’t work. This one will. The site’s all in Portuguese, though. Bye.

  3. Aleika is finally home. The plane was five hours late (God knows why) and
    Akirno was laxativated from eating two many sugar-free sweets.

  4. Hey, Bichinho Preferido (favorite pet? 😉
    it’s okay if you follow me – I’ve got nothing to hide (I guess) *grin*

    Nice to read about different voices in different languages.
    Boa noite.

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