International School of Lausanne aka Commonwealth American School [en]

I spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday, attending the 40th anniversary celebration of the International School of Lausanne (which went under the name “Commonwealth American School” when I was a student there).

If you were a student at the ISL/CAS, or know anybody who was, please fill in their alumni page. The school has also signed up with three alumni sites (I got lost in the first somewhere in the registration process, but the two others were ok.)

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  1. I was at the CAS from 1984-1986. Awesome time. Still in touch with a few folks from that time. I remember Miss Gunn was my form room teacher, and very nice too!
    Now, although am English, live in NYC…married to a local! All the best to anyone out there. JW

  2. I was a student teacher at the school in the fall of 1984. I still have very fond memories of the school and I still teach the fifth grade. I am getting ready to do my unit on Switzerland with the students and I always enjoy getting out the box from my student teaching and remembering the students and their plans for the future.

  3. I was at the CAS from 1981-1983…if my memory serves me well!! Weren’t we a lucky lot to go there? Mr Yates is a teacher that stands out for me. I wonder what happened to him and Mr Curtis?
    I now live in the UK and somehow the schools in London just don’t have the same appeal!

    Best wishes to you all.


  4. wow! look how well ISL is doing….(they never should have dumped the CAS name) A high school, a cafeteria, sports fields….a far cry from the old campus on CF Ramuz.

    Had a great time there, Mme O’Niel, Mr Curtis, Mr Sion and of course the legendary Mr Booth! I will never forget any of them, some of the best teachers I ever had. (although I drove Mme O’Niel crazy with my american vernacular english)…what a school…..

    Hope all is well for all you from CAS(ISL)
    …..Chris Wheeler

  5. I spent a wonderful year there in 83, wow, all the fond memories are rushing back; I was actually Captain Hook in our production of Peter Pan that year. Just reading about Mr. Booth in the post above gave me goose bumps!
    Rodolfo Rivera

  6. Well… Perhaps I am a little older than others here and who have registered at the alumni site. My sister and I spent two school years at CAS 1973/74 and 1974/75 when our dad was a Professor at IMEDE. For me that was 4th and 5th grades, sort of tough because in 4th grade I was in the top-class in the “lower school” in Pully (when we still had a school bus), whereas in 5th grade I was a mere pee-on in the “upper school” at CF Ramuz (I took public transit from my home at 15 Virgil Rossell (sp?). My teachers were Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Yates. Two great teachers and lots of great kids who I miss alot and few who if I hadn't started my Buddhist Practice, well, I cannot use the speech I would otherwise offer.

    I visited Lausanne once since living there. It was in 1997 with my wife Laurie. I went to the school, which had changed its name and learned about the death of one of my favorite all-time teachers and dear mentor—Mr. Yates. I wish I could have told him what he and my experience in his class meant to me. I lost my own dad to a heart-attack in 1987 when I was 22/23 and he was 51/52. Life is short and you never know what is going to happen. Treasure your wise friends and loved ones during this lifetime.

    My love and best wishes to everyone at CAS (past and present) and to the City and People of Lausanne, Switzerland. It was a great place—I loved it! Peace!

    Best Regards, Bruce (P.S.) Steph–you are really cute–I like your site. Do you know Anthony Smith (or Auchter)?

  7. Correction…. The upper school was not CF Ramuz—that was the lower school. The upper school was along the train tracks in what had been an apartment building. It was a short bus ride and a walk down a long steep hill from St. Francois. Don't recall the street name. The play ground was a small parking area, but we did lunch recess up the hill on the grounds of another school. Used to get really pushed around alot up there!

    Best, Bruce

  8. I student taught at the school in the fall of 1983. I spent the morning teaching fifth grade with Mr. Yeates and the afternoon with I believe the first and second grade students in the main building. I have such great memories. The students were so nice and respectful. I too remember Mr. Curtis and his wife, Mr. Booth, and others.

  9. Wow, I’m alot older than I realized!! I attended CAS in 1966-67. I’ve been back to Lausanne several times over the years but never back to the school location. It was a great life for myself and two older sisters. When I tell friends that every Friday we all went skiing, they can’t believe it. Teachers and faculty were very kind. Wonderful experience – where’s that time machine…

  10. I was a student teacher at Commonwealth American School in the fall of 1986. I taught second grade with Liz Murray. I remember Mr. Curtis and his wife, and I remember going to their farmhouse one weekend. I loved living in Switzerland, and I look forward to going back for a visit. I taught 5th grade after graduating from college, though I don’t teach school anymore. If anyone was there during that time, I’d love to hear from you.

  11. I did my student teaching at CAS in 1986….one of the best experiences of my life.

    I lived with a family and taught first grade with Alison Curtis. I will cherish those memories and I hope to visit again one day. It looks like many changes have taken place.



  12. Both of my children attended the Commonwealth-American School in the early 80’s for a few years. It was wonderful experience for all of us. I am trying to locate copies of a cookbook that was published during that time. I believe it was a fund raising project. If anyone knows where I can get a couple of these I would greatly appreciate it. Mine is worn to the bone and I would also like to give one to each of my children.

    Joie Wheeler.

  13. I helped Ms. Curtis out in the 80’s as a volunteer in her class and substitute taught as well. Both of my children went to the school, Michael and Kelly, while their father played hockey for the team in Lausanne. I remember the farm house well and she was kind enough to let my family go there. Today, I am finishing my teaching degree in Georgia, USA. Is Mr. Landow (Im sure I spelled his name wrong) the head master still their? I would love to get in touch with him and Ms. Curtis.

  14. Hello all, Noticed this thread is a little old but thought I’d add to it anyway 🙂

    I attended CAS for 88/89 and possibly 87/88 (but not 100% sure). Have plenty of fond memories of the school and Switzerland in general, everyone was great and the place is just amazing. Unfortunatly I have lost contact with everyone I knew from there but keep trying to find them again.

    Anyway, I’ve left my webaddress so if anyone knows me or thinks they know me get in touch.

    Alan Hughes

  15. Just surfing, trying to find my past and came across this site. I was in CAS 1971-72. Trying to bring back the past. Researching. Bring back memories. That was so long ago. Maybe I’ll do something about it in my homepage. Links to the past.
    Hope past students (specially those around 71-72 who were in CAS) join the isl (, and bring back the past a bit. There is nothing like old memories. Specially good ones..
    Muntasir Hossain (Milon), now living in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

  16. Hi Bruce,
    We were in the same class at CAS 1973-74. Do remember Mrs. Ellis and some classmates.



  17. Hi Ketil…

    Wow! You were in my class 40 years ago!! Did you ever go by the name Cato? Are you Norweigan?

    I remember a boy (I though his name was Cato) from Norway quite well because he did not speak English—and no one spoke Norse… Yet, in the course of a few months we were all communicating pretty well. It was a great experience. Something I have told many people about over the years. He was really into skiing and I remember becoming friends with him and getting together outside school. I think his dad was a student at IMEDE. Was that you—or do you rember that!

    Here are a few names from our class:

    Bruce McDonald (me 🙂 )
    Laura Veator I was recently in touch with her
    Michael Wales
    Michael Holloway
    Colin Holloway
    Cam Lustig
    Sarah Staples
    Claudia Shabetai
    Tim Pay
    Jeff Rhelander

    Look me up on Facebook under “Andrew Bruce McDonald”. I’d love to hear from you.

    Best, Bruce

  18. Hi Bruce,
    I’m not on facebook, but we can make contact on linkedin or email or something. Correct, norwegian. Cato was not me, but I do remember his name. Mostly I spent my time with Xavier and Jeff, I still have a class picture taken from the backyard.

    best, Ketil

  19. Hello! I went to CAS from 1985 to 1987, 2 years! Also Ms. Gunn was my teacher. I saw a message from Jeremy Warren, surely we were in the same class! wow. I am now living in Geneva. I also have a brother 2 years younger than me, Simon. We are from Venezuela.

    It would be nice to hear from other! Great. Thanks! MARIA

  20. I was at CAS in 1966-68; 4th-6th grades. Love reading everyone else’s memories, about Mr. Yates and Friday skiing! What an experience! Would love to hear from other classmates. In fact, just found out that someone I work with also went to CAS in 68 and 69- what a small world! I have been back to Lausanne a few times, but hasn’t been able to find the school. Now that I have researched it, I understand why! Would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.

  21. Hello,
    My name is Brendan Hickey. I attended Commonwealth American School for a year in (if I remember correct) 1980. I noticed while using Google maps, the building I remember is listed as Office des poursuites du distrect de Lavaux. Is the school no longer in that building? Memories I have are, Mr Yates, Swim meeting in Gstaad, learning how to ski – walking the class to the pool. I remember Zowie Bowie, being a classmate and even going to his birthday party – Zowie Bowie, now known as Duncan Jones, son of singer David Bowie. I remember playing 4 square in the rear lot. I remember our version of Oliver Twist play for the parents. I’ll never forget our walks from Pully to school. I have a few things still left on my bucket list, revisiting Switzerland is still a goal. Best wishes to all !

  22. Well, what the hell, I’ll post too since us OK Boomers seem to be under-represented in this blog. I attended CAS 1962-1966 and was one of the school’s original seven students. The others were Rosemary DeBelay, Fiona Wylie, Corrine Brawner, Betsy Grinkle, Scott White, and Jeremy Evans. Teachers I remember were Mrs. Hynes, Elisabeth Kirchem, Peter Farrow, and Mrs McLaren. As was the case for most of us, my years in Switzerland were magical and CAS was a big part of that.

  23. WHO remembers of William Duxbury ? He was the english teacher of young pupils who did not know a world of english in september , and were abble to give a play in december ?
    I would like to know how long he worked in this school ( 1986…..1988 ? ) , for the swiss administration . William left us in August 1st 2020.

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