Indian Police [en]

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  1. For 5% of police that is good, the remaining 95% is corrupt, brutal and criminal. Worse yet, the police get away with most of the crimes they commit (including rapes, extortion, torture etc.) legitimizing them in name of the law.

    Regularly, there have been stories of the Indian Police killing people for offences as small as jumping a traffic signal and then make false stories to cover their crimes. There also have been multiple instances of police officers raping innocent girls just because they found them beautiful. Their family cannot do much about unless they have high connections as the police have a nexus with the justice system. Our corrupt government also goes overboard to protect them.

    This situation is VERY BAD. The human rights of so many innocent Indians are violated by the police EVERYDAY!! So many vehicles are towed by the Mumbai traffic police for extortion with their drivers still sitting in them!

    It’s high time that citizens come together to strip the police of their excessive powers and create alternative mechanisms of rendering justice. Because the police is the largest perpetuator of injustice and brutality in India.

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