Google Bombing [en]

A very interesting article about Google bombing. Needless to say, I don’t encourage abuse of a (reasonably) good system.

On the other hand, were is the line between use and abuse? What is ethical, what is not? The gray zone is always the most interesting.

[link via Emmanuelle]

One thought on “Google Bombing [en]

  1. Google Bombing works only if you are trusted by your peers (unless you
    have money and can do what Scientology (and others I’m sure) do [1] aka
    simulation of peer approval).
    Google ranking is based on the assumption that every author will _only_
    link to valuable information. Some kind of a democratic ranking, in a way.
    Hence, an author can abuse once or twice the Google ranking, but after
    that, readers-peers won’t trust him (aka link to you) anymore et voilà , no
    more easy google bombing via weblogs for that particular author.

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