Trip News [en]

By popular request (Anita) here are a few random notes for my English readers about these last weeks.

First of all, exams. They went ok. Results coming on Thursday should not give me any nasty surprises. It’s worth to note that I not only performed satisfactorily, but also almost had a nice time taking them.

Then, the trip. As always, I really enjoyed being in Birmingham and seeing my “adopted” family. The highlight of my stay was the trip to London, going to see Alan Rickman in Private Lives. The play will be showing in Broadway between April and September – if you have a chance to go there, it’s a must see.

Last topic: my dissertation. Let’s say a rough title is Martial Arts as a Spiritual Practice in the Western World. I’m busy hunting for the relevant literature – if you know of anything interesting, feel free to mail me. I’ve put up some stuff in the bookmarks.

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