Antibloggies [en]

So you want the whole story about this AntiBloggie award, huh? How much are you willing to pay?

I’ll give you a hint, though: take a look at the prize.

Now, who wouldn’t love to have a t-shirt with naked Karl posing on it, front and back? Well, what do you think? Would you have hesitated?

Obviously, you all did — that’s why I‘m the one who won the t-shirt (and the *hrmm* honours). I won’t tell you what it cost me in bribery, though. Ask Dave if you really want that part of the story.

[Actually, you don’t want to know that part. No, Grandma. You really don’t.]

Oh and of course, the most important. There never was any CafePress gear on this site. *Scandal, scandal!*

7 thoughts on “Antibloggies [en]

  1. Show us the fucking t-shirts. Man alive, play the game. I guarantee if you
    put them back up someone will buy one.

  2. The t-shirt I’m talking about (the prize) is still online. Just click the
    “the prize” link and you’ll see it!

  3. Mais keskecé ?!!!
    c’est une plaisanterie ? un détournement ?
    Karl ?!!!! Tu mets vraiment ton corps en vente 😀 (miam…)

  4. C’est terrible, on part en vacances, et hop, il se passe plein de choses
    Je n’ai rien compris à  AntiBloggies et pourquoi tu as gagné Steph, mais
    en tout cas : je veux le même t-Shirt !! 😉

  5. I would love to know what the bribe was really! It would come handy in the
    future too, I think! But why would anyone want a t-shirt with the picture
    of naked guy? Tara? What were you thinking 😉

  6. OK the naked guy is me and it’s really me :D. It’s not a fake one. But
    it’s more a joke than anything else. 🙂
    I had a lot of fun doing it and Tara will wear soon a Tee-Shirt. Soon a

  7. Wow, Karl, are you in the movie industry by any chance 😉 Tara’s going to
    wear the T shirt and put up the picture here so we can all have a GOOD
    look. Hehe!

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