Kitty mania [en]

Bagha has developed a new habit during these last few weeks. He’s discovered he has a tail. And he’s having a nice time chasing it.

For some strange reason, he seems to enjoy doing it in the bath-tub. I am thus greeted by dirty paw-marks on the white enamel and a fair amount of fur when I rise for my morning shower.

Now tell me – why did he have to wait until he was five to discover he had a tail? That’s something kittens usually do, don’t they?

One thought on “Kitty mania [en]

  1. My kittie does chases (and catches!) her tail when she gets bored, or at
    least, I think it’s when she’s bored. She seems to do it more often when
    I’m gone longer than usual during the week. I have a tile floors, and I
    come home to mounds of kitty fur…

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