Meeting [en]

Cali and I just came nose-to-nose with the fox cub.

Opposite the entrance of my building, there is a big bush. Behind the big bush, there is storage building of some kind. Under the storage building, hidden by the big bush, is a hole.

Coming back from our (not so early) morning walk, just aroud the corner, I suddenly saw Cali just a metre away of a very defensive brown little thing. Something between a very small dog (for the way it bounced back towards the bush) and a young cat (for the size, the arched back and the hissing – actually, it was closer to clicking).

I sent Cali away and stayed to have a better look at the little creature. Well, I guess you’ve seen pictures of fox cubs – but in real they are even much cuter. Small beady eyes, a not-yet-bushy tail with a white tip, and the overall fluff which makes baby animals so irresistible.

After staring at me for a few minutes from under the bush, it retreated into the hole. And from the noise I heard then, I guess it was not alone in there. Was it just mummy fox, or siblings too?

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