Class Dinner [en]

Yesterday evening, mexican dinner with my old class. It’s always astonishing to see how much people can change and nevertheless stay the same in ten years’ time.

All of a sudden, everybody has switched from student-life to working-life – well, almost everyone ; )

Two of us are still studying, and a third will join us next year.

Our class used to be exactly half-boys, half-girls. The boys would stick together and so would the girls. When the class was seated around a single table, there would be a dividing line between the sexes. Don’t ask me why.
Last night, we all mixed up; it was a pleasant change. I talked more with some of the boys of my class than I had ever done during the three years we saw each other every day.

Maybe the “boys” have grown up a bit in ten years. I, certainly, have.

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