Snow [en]

Finally. Winter is paying its dues. The grey, the cold, the wind and the rain are forgotten. Lausanne is white at last.

I arrived home safely after an exciting drive from my sister’s place. First, a narrow squeeze between two lorries: one of them was on the road-side, the other was backing up in the middle of the road to line up behind it, and I was gathering speed to climb up the hill. Then, a long slow ride on the snow-white motorway. I had never imagined that driving at 60 km/h would one day give me the feeling I was speeding.

Bagha set his indian paws in snow for the first time of his life. And I daresay he didn’t like it. Even though he is truly amazing in some respects, he’s still just a cat.

I went for a walk with Cali in the woods near my home. I didn’t get any winter last year (no, it doesn’t snow in Pune!) and I had forgotten how magical it is to be surrounded by silent white trees with not another human soul in sight.
Snow muffles everything. It makes silence thick. It also makes places look smaller. It makes your shoes wet and your feet cold when you walk in it with your town shoes instead of the winter boots which are down in the cellar.

I love white walks. Especially when all this white seems to be Nature greeting me back into the world of the living: I’m finally feeling up to life again : )

One thought on “Snow [en]

  1. Snow..thats a great description ! 🙂
    Is it anything like the powdery ice that collects in the freezer ?? Coz thats how I’ve always imagined it ! lol…except for what ‘ve seen on TV of course !
    Why don’t it snow in Pune? 🙁

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