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The Myth of The Aryan Invasion of India, by David Frawley.

My classes on Indian culture have often put to doubt the famous “Aryan invasion” theory. My own observations of its use today by Indians to justify just about anything (superiority of fair people, caste system, North vs. South, superiority of Dravidian culture… and so on) have also brought me to cast on it a very critical eye.

Here is my account of Frawley’s article – maybe not the best nor the last writing on the subject, but nevertheless interesting and convincing.

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Site Prehistory [en]

If you want a laugh, I’ve uploaded the first version of my site for you. Warning: it’s the Word “Save As HTML” one…

Pour votre amusement, voici la première version de mon site. Attention! je l’avais faite à  l’époque sous Word, avec “Save As HTML”

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Now, this is really f***ing good research… ; )

Urban Legend Reference Pages has just been bookmarked by your favorite web-hunter as a very valuable reference. If you come upon something on the net and you’d like to check if it is real or not, search their library. You’ll probably find it.

I’ve singled out a piece for you on the uselessness of e-petitions. Check it out before hitting “forward”!

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Pyra [en]

You might want to read the different versions of the Pyra story before posting your comments to the giant MeFi thread on the topic.

I had at first misunderstood that the employees had abandoned Pyra…

Read on:

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