Kitty Kitty [en]

If you want the news, you’re going to have it.

Bagha has been going balcony-climbing quite regularly – or so it seems.
Thursday ten p.m., he even did a bit of singing up there. Unfortunately it woke the lady up. She was quite irrate. I guess I would have been too.
Friday morning, phone call. Summary: if things don’t get better, she will file a lawsuit against me. She recommends that I get rid of my cat or move somewhere else.

Guess what state I was in.

The woman at the flat rental agency was nice, told me not to worry, and that I could go ahead and cut off the branch that helps Bagha get on the dear lady’s balcony.
This afternoon, I had a rather tense conversation with the caretaker, who was unwilling to let me mess around with his bushes as he hadn’t received any clearance from the authorities above.

With all the stress and tiredness of this first week of work, I ended up bursting into tears, and he ended up finally cutting the branches off.
I don’t approve of using tears to get results – but I must say they changed the situation dramatically.

So I let Bagha out after 48 hours of confinement.

And when I came home a couple of hours later, he was up on the damn balcony again. There was an alternate route.

4 thoughts on “Kitty Kitty [en]

  1. i dunno..i’ve always associated cats with these furballs with claws who won’t hesitate to use them on u one bit !
    dogs ? ahh..those i love !
    but then…to each his own 😛

  2. Mythun, those are Indian preconceptions. Cats are cute cuddly things. Dogs smell and try to lick you ; )
    Anyway, I have Cali too, you know? Even caught her red-handed (or should I say, “muddy-pawed”) – I left her 10 minutes inside with the door to my bedroom open, and when I came back my bed was covered in dirt! Had to change the bedclothes!
    So now don’t tell me cats are dirty ; )

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