Web Peeves and Nice Finds [en]

I’ve been going around a few sites this evening and last. A couple of things bug me:

  • thin grey Verdana text on black backgrounds
  • total lack of capital letters

Apart from that, two nice links I found recently.
First, my friend Mithun from Pune actually started a weblog, and at F2S too! Reading his Cerebral Emissions makes me feel “in touch”, much more than emailing – which neither he nor me manage to do very regularly.

Second, Tangerine Girl – pretty girl, pretty site. Her writing is refreshing, and I really like her pictures. I spent quite some time prowling around her gallery, and I don’t really do picture-gazing very often.

One thought on “Web Peeves and Nice Finds [en]

  1. I have been chatting with an boy from
    India. It’s his birth-day next week.
    We havealways chat in english, but I want to send him a letter in Indian.
    I don’t know how!
    Please help me?

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